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How can you find a doctor or get help paying for your child’s healthcare?

Some families with low income can qualify for Medicaid. To learn about income requirements and how to find doctors and clinics that accept Medicaid you can look here.


Programs and Services


Adults and children in low income households may qualify for help paying medical bills.

Child Adolescent and Family Services

For families who need help with mental health, substance use, and behavioral health services, this is a place to start.

Child Passenger Safety Program

Find expert help for how to use car seats and keep young children safe when riding in vehicles.

Child Protective Services

This division of the SC Department of Social Services protects children and works to strengthen families.

Daniel's Law

Instead of abandoning a newborn, under this law a parent can leave their unharmed infant at a designated safe location and the parent will not be prosecuted.

Health Services Coordination

First Steps coordinates with partners to support the health and wellbeing of families with young children.

Healthy Families America

Family support specialists help pregnant mothers and families with babies and toddlers learn how to provide safe and nurturing homes.

SC First Sound Program

By providing hearing screenings for newborns, First Sound finds hearing loss and guides families on how to help children early when language skills are developing.

The SC Newborn Screening Program

Every infant born in South Carolina is checked for sickle cell, cystic fibrosis, and other health conditions, so that early treatment is possible.

Perinatal HEP-B Case Management

South Carolina provides testing, treatment, and vaccines for mothers with Hepatitis B and their babies.

Postpartum Home Visiting

For eligible families, a nurse visits mother and baby soon after they go home, checking health, answering questions, and scheduling medical appointments.

Sickle Cell Program

For young children diagnosed with sickle cell, the state can provide a wide range of support for eligible families.

Vaccination Program

Two statewide programs can provide shots, free of charge, that children must have to attend child care and school in South Carolina.

Reach Out And Read

This program promotes reading by connecting with parents and children while they’re seeing the pediatrician.

Lead Paint Information & Testing

Find out how to protect your family from lead exposure.

Water Safety & Testing

Find out how to protect your family and how to get children and your water supply tested.


HealthySteps promotes nurturing parenting and child development at well visits and provides information on social-emotional learning, literacy, behavior, and health. 

Nurse-Family Partnership

Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) helps transform the lives of first-time mothers and their babies.